When it comes to medical emergencies, those involving your mouth and teeth may not come to mind when you think of urgent care. But dental emergencies are common, stressful, and traumatic. Everything from broken and lost teeth to sudden, severe toothaches and loose dental work can all become your biggest priority when they occur—but what’s the best way to handle them?

Take These Steps If You Experience a Dental Emergency

At 101st Adult Dentistry, we know that dental emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. That’s why we’re available to help if you or your loved ones experience a dental emergency.

In the immediate aftermath of a dental emergency, taking the following steps can help you until you’re able to get to our office:

Knocked-out tooth—Pick up the tooth by its crown—never its root—and rinse it with water. Then, place it back into its socket. If it won’t fit, place it in a glass of milk.

Toothache—Toothaches can be debilitating, and they can occur without warning. If you experience one, rinse your mouth with warm salt water, take a pain reliever, and use a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Loose crownCrowns are designed to be permanently affixed to your teeth, but they can be knocked or pried loose. If that happens, avoid disturbing it by not chewing with that side of your mouth. Our team can repair the loose crown and re-affix it to your teeth.

Clarksville Dental Needs? We’re Here to Help.

Whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency, need a cosmetic dental procedure, or want a regular check-up and cleaning, 101st Adult Dentistry is here for you. Request a dental appointment today to see why we’re Clarksville’s choice for adult dentists.