Whether it’s in the dating, social, or professional worlds, first impressions are everything. Everyone wants to always put their best foot forward, but it can be hard to leave a positive mark in new settings when you have poor dental hygiene.

At 101st Adult Dentistry, we know how vital people’s appearances can be in every aspect of their lives, including their abilities to land jobs, make positive connections with coworkers, and get the promotions they want. Our cosmetic dentistry procedures have changed the lives of hundreds of patients, but we know that many people can avoid needing anything beyond routine cleanings and checkups as long as they develop good dental hygiene habits.

In fact, the American Dental Association reported that nearly 30 percent of people ages 18 to 34 revealed that the appearances of their teeth and mouths held them back in their abilities to successfully interview for jobs. People who don’t take care of their teeth or oral hygiene face uphill battles when it comes to starting or advancing their careers due to the following factors:

Bad connotations associated with discolored or missing teeth – Because discolored and missing teeth can be caused by a variety of conditions and circumstances, automatically making assumptions about someone due to the appearance of their smile is unfair. But unfortunately, it’s a snap judgment many people make—including hiring managers and interviewers. A white and healthy smile conveys confidence and friendliness, while an unattractive smile can be a hindrance when it comes to showing positive personal and professional traits.

Poor image for the company – Having bad teeth or poor oral hygiene can make landing customer or client-facing roles very difficult. Companies want employees in charge of sales, meetings, and presentations to be true brand representatives and to carry themselves the right way, including the way they look, dress, and groom themselves. When applicants for those types of positions have discolored, broken, or missing teeth, managers and executives may feel that their appearances could harm their companies’ images.

Assumptions about self-discipline – While it’s true that not all oral health problems are caused by bad habits and poor hygiene, many are—and that’s why people associate them with laziness, neglect, or bad lifestyle choices. Candidates who have otherwise ideal resumes and experience may find themselves overlooked for positions that they’re highly qualified for if hiring managers and human resources personnel view their imperfect smiles as signs of a lack of self-discipline, contentiousness, or self-awareness.

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