When most people think of a healthy and attractive smile, they think of a smile with teeth that are white, free from damage, and straight.

At 101st Adult Dentistry, we’ve helped people achieve the first two components of a healthy and attractive smile for years. Now, we’re helping them straighten their teeth, too—and without the need for intrusive and unsightly braces.

Dandy Clear Aligners are extremely effective at straightening teeth, and they do so in a comfortable and unobtrusive manner. Unlike braces, they don’t require any permanent gluing or bonding.

Instead, they are plastic trays that fit over your teeth that shift them into place. As your teeth shift, you’ll receive new plastic trays that further shift your teeth. After wearing a series of the custom-fitted trays, your teeth will have shifted into perfect alignment.

How Does the Dandy Clear Aligner Process Work?

The first step of the Clear Aligner process is to have a 3D scan of your teeth completed. We perform this at our office, and it’s very fast, painless, and provides us and Dandy with all of the information we need to create your teeth straightening plan.

After we’ve received your scan and created your plan, your first set of aligners will be ready in around two weeks. As soon as you receive your first set of aligners, you can begin wearing them and making progress on straightening your teeth. We’ll review your progress and help with any questions or concerns along the way.

What Are the Benefits of Dandy Clear Aligners?

When you choose Clear Aligners to straighten your teeth, you get:

Instead of needing to go to an orthodontist once per month to get your braces tightened and adjusted, you get your new aligners shipped directly to your home.

Let’s face it—no one likes smiling and showing off a mouth-full of metal. Braces can be unsightly, but clear aligners are virtually invisible. They are extremely hard to detect visually when speaking with someone who is wearing them.

No food restrictions
Braces can make it tough to eat many foods, especially things like popcorn, gum, certain fruits and vegetables, and more. With clear aligners, you can eat with comfort—and you can even remove them before enjoying a meal.

Better oral health
Another drawback to braces is that they tend to trap food particles inside of them. That can lead to bad breath and tooth decay. Not only are clear aligners less likely to trap food, but they can be removed when your brush and floss, making it easier to keep your teeth clean.

Fast treatment time
People who get braces often have them for up to two years or more. That’s a major commitment for straightening your teeth. But the average treatment time for Dandy Clear Aligners is between six to 10 months.

Dentist supervision
There are many types of clear aligners on the market, and many of them involve you completing the process on your own. That can lead to poor results and complications that go unchecked and untreated for years. With Dandy Clear Aligners, your teeth straightening process will be supervised and monitored by our dentists, and we’ll ensure you get the best possible results.

Correction for mild to complex cases
Dandy Clear Aligners can be used to effectively straighten teeth that are mildly or significantly crooked. In addition to being effective at straightening teeth on their own, the process is further assisted by being performed during the supervision of a dentist. Many other types of clear aligners are only designed to be used to correct mild to moderately crooked teeth.

Let Us Help You Straighten Your Smile with Dandy Clear Aligners

At 101st Adult Dentistry, we want to be your one-stop shop for a beautiful smile. In addition to making your smile complete, less gummy, and dazzlingly white, we now also help you straighten it.

Request a dental appointment today with our team of Dandy Clear Aligner experts to learn how we can put this convenient and highly effective teeth straightening system to work for you.