Routine dental procedures can cause discomfort, anxiety, and even pain for many patients. And while most dentists and their assistants do their best to make every procedure as stress-free and painless as possible, it can be difficult for some patients to undergo even routine cleanings due to phobias and previous traumatic experiences.

At 101st Adult Dentistry, we offer two sedation options for patients: oral sedation and nitrous oxide. Oral sedation involves prescribing patients a pill that they can take before they arrive at the office. We can even administer a second dose upon arrival to help patients feel even more relaxed and comfortable. Nitrous oxide involves using small tubes that delivery the odorless gas directly into the patient’s nose. This method results in near instantaneous reduction of anxiety or discomfort.

Why Should Patients Choose Sedation?

Sedation is different from analgesia. We administer analgesia for many cosmetic dental procedures and some routine procedures, including fillings. Sedation is optional for many dental procedures, we recommend it for anyone who wants the following benefits:

Sedation makes procedures faster and more effective. Because sedation completely relaxes you, it also makes it easier for your dentist to complete the procedure. Patients who are anxious can become tense, and their tension can even be seen in their jaw muscles and mouths, making it more difficult for dentists to reach the areas where they need to work.

Sedation reduces or even eliminates fear and anxiety. Patients who fear going to the dentist often develop their phobias as children. Later visits to the dentist may also prove traumatic, reinforcing their fears. But sedation helps reverse their mental association of dental offices with pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Eventually, they may no longer need sedation for many procedures.

Sedation minimizes discomfort. Analgesia is highly effective at numbing teeth and gums, making it possible for patients to comfortably undergo cosmetic dental procedures or routine procedures like fillings, root canals, and tooth extraction. But even the most potent analgesics can still leave patients feeling discomfort, as they may still feel pressure or movement inside their mouths during procedures. Sedation helps minimize these sensations.

Sedation reduces memories of procedures. For some patients, the worst part of bad dental experiences are the memories they form. When they look back on their bad experiences, it can further reinforce their fear of dentists. Sedation temporarily blocks pathways in the brain that are responsible for creating vivid memories, which means patients often leave their dental visits without

Dental fear, anxiety, and phobia are real. At 101st Adult Dentistry, it’s our goal to provide high-quality dental services to everyone—even if they’re normally afraid of dental offices. Our sedation services make every visit comfortable and stress-free. Schedule your appointment today!