Tooth decay and cavities are extremely common, and in some people, they occur even when they’re attentive to their oral hygiene and regularly brush and floss. Fillings are the best way to combat tooth decay and cavities and prevent the damage from getting worse, but not all fillings are created equal.

For years, most people—including children—received fillings made of mercury. And while these fillings were very durable, they were later found to be hazardous to people’s health. In recent years, more and more dentists have switched to composite resin fillings, including us at 101st Adult Dentistry.

Here are a few benefits of using this type of filling over other types:

More of your tooth can remain intact
Some types of fillings require drilling deep into the tooth to create enough space for implantation. Heavy drilling can weaken teeth, making them more likely to break, chip, or develop future cavities. Composite fillings only need light drilling to be installed.

Composite fillings strengthen teeth through the bonding process.
When composite fillings are inserted into the openings created in teeth, they can actually strengthen them once the bonding material hardens.

Treated teeth become less sensitive to hot and cold food and beverages.
Tooth sensitivity is extremely uncomfortable, and when teeth are damaged, it can get even worse. But teeth treated with composite fillings are less susceptible to sensitivity, as the resin used in the fillings insulates them from extreme temperatures.

The resin can be repaired.
Although composite fillings are durable and hold up well, it’s still possible for them to be damaged through accidents, injuries, teeth grinding. Thankfully, cleaning and repairing composite fillings is a simple process and make your smile like new again in one appointment.

Appointments are short.
In addition to requiring less drilling than other types of fillings, composite fillings also harden quickly, which is the last step in the process. A special light used inside the mouth helps the bonding agent finish its job in a matter of seconds, giving you time back in your day.

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