Emanuel J. Hnarakis, D.D.S.
Joseph A. Britton, D.D.S.

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People don't seem to be afraid to go to the dentist at 271 Stonecrossing Drive in North Clarksville. "We treat a lot of phobic people," said Dr. Emanuel J. Hnarakis, a gum specialist and family dentist whose business card includes the motto: "Dentistry with a smile."


"We know how to handle them as people and introduce them to dentistry." People with phobias about going to the dentist can get over their fears with help. We give them sedation in pill form. The medication helps the patients to relax and, when the dental procedure is done, they often realize it wasn't so bad after all and, next time, they might not need medication.


Dr. Hnarakis and his partner, Dr. Joseph A. Britton, a general dentist, share their building with The Children's Dentist, operated by Dr. Lary Deeds and Dr. R. Michael Weaver. That's where you'll find the video arcade games, off the waiting room. In both waiting rooms, you'll find people who not only don't appear to be phobic, but they actually appear comfortable waiting for the dentist. Dr. Hnarakis said 25 percent of all people have a phobia about going to the dentist, but he and his colleagues can work with them. "We have oceans of experience between us, and we do good dentistry," he said. "We have an in-house gum specialist. We cater to phobic people. We'll even do dentistry under sedation."


"All of that is unique to this practice."












Another unique aspect of his work is dental IMPLANTS. (artificial devices that are implanted to replace missing teeth) ." Dr. Hnarakis said his office sees a mix of patients from Clarksville and surrounding areas to include, Fort Campbell and Hopkinsville Kentucky. New patient appointments are readily availble. We invite you to experience dentistry at it's best in a warm and friendly environment. "


The Army brought Dr. Hnarakis to the Clarksville area. He was stationed at Fort Campbell and, when he retired as a colonel, "I liked Clarksville so well, I decided to stay." All of the doctors in this building are former Army dentists," he said. He opened his practice in 1998 as the only board-certified gum specialist in Clarksville. "One of the selling points of this practice is that people who needed a gum specialist were being referred to Nashville. I want people to know they don't have to drive to Nashville for help. They can come here."


The Children's Dentist's side of the building features an open floor plan, and parents are welcome to sit while Dr. Deeds or Dr. Weaver work with their children.


One afternoon, a small boy seemed comfortable stretched out in a chair while Dr. Deeds worked in the boy's mouth, talking and making jokes. The boy's mother sat nearby, watching the entire process.
"Parents are never excluded here."
The clinic is bright and open and "has a nice feel to it," Dr. Hnarakis said. "A lot of kids' dentist have the same floor plan." Dr. Deeds said, after saying good-bye to his young patient, who left with a smile."Our goal is, to build confidence in kids so when they get to be adults, they're not nervous about going to the dentist."


"If we do that, we've reached our goal."


Dr. Hnarakis, Dr. Britton and The Children's Dentist accept military dental insurance and other insurance plans.

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